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any office move planning. They can then be given to the Project Leader to start the detailed planning. ❖ Has Senior Management approved the move? Business Move Checklist · Order keys from the building. · Contact the building to confirm locations of signage. · Hire signage vendor to plan, get approval for. About 12 months before you're planning to move, you should decide who's going to be involved, and start to outline your key requirements. Select a team and.

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Once you've defined your list of reasons for moving office, it's time to put together a cross-departmental team and most critically to get a senior project. Perhaps you want to place yourself where your customers are or create space for your project teams. Perhaps your space outstrips your needs and downsizing could. Create / review the move budget · Create a communications plan to keep employees informed regularly · Create an inventory of furniture and equipment (including.

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Planning an Office Move · Lead small groups to tour the new space · Communicate the schedule/plan · Appoint a move concierge to answer questions · Have weekly move. How To Successfully Plan And Execute An Office Move · 1) Start Early · 2) Designate One Place For All Information · 3) Set A Budget For The Move · 4) Announce The. An office relocation plan is a tool that outlines the tasks necessary to complete a successful move. It should also specify who is responsible for each task.