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If you're looking for new innovative additions to your marketing plan, then Augmented Reality marketing should be included this year. If you have questions about experiential marketing, augmented reality, contact BeCore today! We'd love to partner with you! BeCore has their very own technology. Your ads can use augmented reality camera effects to let people interact with your products on the mobile Facebook Feed. Partner with an augmented reality.

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AR for print and outdoor advertising And last but not least, augmented reality can also be used to enhance static advertising in newspapers and magazines as. Augmented Reality (AR) has seen a huge growth in past years and has a huge potential in the advertising domain. Many brands are taking help of AR for augmenting. Flyers, posters and billboards: everything comes to life with Augmented Reality. Add to everything printed multimedia content, interactive movies, three-.

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Augmented reality, AR for short, is an enhanced version of the real physical world achieved through the use of digital elements via technology. Usage of Augmented Reality (AR) has been steadily rising as an entertainment, gaming and advertising platform over the last several years. Augmented Reality in Advertising gives marketers an enormous advantage since this technology makes ads engaging, interactive, and efficient.