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The life of Jesus depicts that of a fable that almost seems impossible to believe or too good to be true. It a gift worth receiving, a far greater gift that can. The Gospels are virtually silent when it comes to Jesus' early life, but some information can be inferred from references elswhere. Jesus was from a small town. The name Jesus is a form of Joshua, Hebrew for “savior”; “Christ,” as he is known to Christians, is Greek for “anointed,” a translation of the Hebrew word for.

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Samuel J. Andrews, The Life of Our Lord upon the Earth (3 rd ed., )]. Chronological Summary of Jesus' Life. Birth of Jesus, ca. B.C. But his life did not end in death. Jesus Christ was resurrected. And because he was perfect, he is able to open the doors to the Kingdom of God. Summary: The Christian Bible's New Testament includes the Gospels, The story of Jesus, as Christians know and tell it, comes from the part of the.

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In Matthew's Gospel, for instance, Christ himself is Emmanuel, God with us; he is the long-promised Davidic king who will bring in the kingdom of God. By his. All he talks about is the life of Jesus from the time of his birth, to his crucifixion, and speaks of what he taught, rather what what contemporary religious. Our main glimpse into the childhood of Jesus Christ is in the book of Luke, which revealed Christ's deep spiritual understanding and desire to “be about My.