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Innovation is a key driver of business. This unit addresses the intellectual property regime - the statutory and common law mechanisms that recognise and. We represent our clients worldwide in intellectual property matters. We manage and maintain a portfolio of active trademark and patent applications and. Licensing intellectual property increases a company's ability to grow its business, launch new products and services, and expand into a wider range of.

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Intellectual property (IP) is a term referring to a brand, invention, design or other kind of creation, which a person or business has legal rights over. If your business provides a service, you would use a service mark instead of a trademark. Copyright is a legal term to describe the rights creators have over. Intellectual property is simply the property created by mental efforts of a business or its employees or contractors. It can be an artistic or design.

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Intellectual Property: The Business & Law of Technology & Patent Licensing (): If you practice in any technology-related area (whether transactions. Intellectual property is a valuable collection of business assets. Regardless of what product a business makes or service it provides, it will encounter. The four main types of intellectual property are patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets (Figure “Types of Intellectual Property”). If a piece of.