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The only entry-level pallet truck with high-end features and made-in-Italy quality. Available in versions with internal rechargeable battery, AA batteries and. Stainless Steel model available. Intercomp PW Hand Pallet Jack Scales RAVAS Hand Pallet Jack Scale Atlas Kwik-Weigh. Pallet Jack With Scale - Materials Handling pallet jacks with scales PS lb x 1lb Pallet Truck Jack pallet jacks with scales.

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A weighing scale pallet jack is a unique type of pallet truck because it displays the weight of the load being moved. PSPJ is specially designed for standard US pallets with opening higher than ″. Our design make it easy to insert the forks into the pallets and take. A1CLA Basic, easy-to-use truck weighs and moves pallets with ease. Fork height: 3 1/3" lowered, 7 1/2" raised. Uses 4 AA's – Operates up to 60 hours.

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CAS Scale Pallet Jack Scale with built in Printer. 5, lb x 1 lb Capacity, LCD Display with Backlight KG/LB Switchable Rechargable battery with charger. The Pallet Weigh pallet jack scale from Fairbanks Scales combines the functionality of a durable pallet jack with incredible accuracy. The Pallet Weigh. CAS CPS-2 Pallet Scale Truck features a built-in tape printer and is ideal for mobile weighing of pallets in a warehouse. Unlike a traditional stationary.