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Use a feature satisfaction survey to gather your users' first impressions on new features. Try Maze's new feature survey template to get fast user insights. They detail all information about the property, adjoining properties and features in the street, in fact everything that is required by your local council to. Feature, Feature Code. Bench mark, Survey disk, PBMK. Boring, Test Pit, PBOR. Boundary String, BY. Level string, L. Elevation Point Survey, PELV.

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If you're looking for feature & level surveys conducted by highly trained experts, Stacey Surveying is the very best choice. Arrange a Feature Survey today. A feature survey provides detailed information about a land and its features. It's a scaled diagram of a site that is scientifically measured and accurately. An InRoads Survey Fieldbook can be written to 3 different deliverables. These are;. Planimetrics (CAD file), to a Surface (DTM), and to Geometry project (ALG).

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Use this template to gather feedback on the usefulness, relevance and satisfactory level of a newly introduced feature. A Feature & Contour Survey is a graphical representation of your property. This survey is used to display the height of retaining walls, fence locations. Feature and levels survey provides a detailed view of the existing site conditions of the subject site, locating all topographical features of the property, as.